Pica Value Pack Dry




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  • Dry Long-life automatic pencils actively prevent lead breakage due to their sturdy design.
  • Value pack includes two Dry Long-life automatic pencils, a set of 8 Water soluble MULTI-USE leads leads assorted (4020): 4 graphite, 2 red, 2 yellow, a Joiner’s Set of 10 graphite leads H (4050), and a spare cap.
  • Push-in mechanism helps you push in the lead with a gentle press.
  • Pencils have a neon-green high-visibility holder, and on the holder, there is a unique 2-catch point clip that lets you fix it onto your pockets or tool belts.
  • Pencils have a patented built-in sharpener to provide you with the narrowest sharp tips.
  • Pointed tips help you can make detailed markings on confined spaces hassle-free.
  • Can be used on most surfaces, whether they are wet or dry or dusty or oil.
  • Work great on both rough and smooth surfaces, and from smooth surfaces, you can wipe away the markings with a damp cloth if you wish.