Ox Club Hammer 4lb




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MULTI UTILITY CLUB HAMMER: The long handle OX Club Hammer is structured and designed for various applications like destruction work, breaking through dry walls, masonry walls, mining operations and much more.
TOUGH AS AN OX: The OX Club Hammer has a robust construction and comes with a high quality heavy-duty hardened steel head for maximum strength.
NON-SLIP GRIP HANDLE: The steel forged OX Club Hammer comes with a non-slip grip handle which offers a unique shock resistant feature and provides enhanced comfort while using the tool.
DURABLE: The OX Demolition Hammer weighs about 3 lb / 1.3 kg and works well in diverse conditions without any hassle.
PRECISION STRIKING FACE: The OX Dead Blow Hammer has a precision-ground striking face to offer good shock absorption and prevent accidents.