Crocodile Cloth Power Scrub

80 count




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Power Scrub is our roughest, toughest cleaning cloth yet, for your stickiest gunkiest, greasiest messes. One side is smooth to polish and absorb and the other side has teeth to scour and scrub. The scrubbing side is textured to scour through dried-on, baked-on or caked-on grease and grime on hands, tools and surfaces. Follow up with the smooth side to wipe the gunk away. These cloths also have an extra-tough cleaning formulation to power through greasy messes. Non-scratch for most surfaces.
  • Safe for use on nearly all surfaces, including plastic, vinyl, metal, wood, bamboo, leather, carpets and fabrics
  • Test on a small, inconspicuous area first to test whether the product will scratch your surface
  • Highly absorbent, low-lint nonwoven material collects and retains dirt like a microfiber cloth
  • Non-drying, alcohol-free formula is savage on dirt but gentle on hands, with aloe and vitamin E to condition skin