Colonial Countertops – Quartz

The strongest stone countertop on the market

Quartz has become a popular choice for today’s homes with hundreds of colours and patterns to choose from. All quartz products we provide are made from 93% crushed quartz, a natural mineral, and 7% resins and pigments (colour). At least twice as strong as its stone counterparts, quartz is a virtually maintenance-free surface. Save yourself the hassle of scratches, chips, cracks or resealing.

Family owned and locally fabricated since 1970

Established in 1970, Colonial Countertops brings over 45 years of excellence to the industry. Founded by Roko Kliman three generations ago, we are still family owned and operated today. We pride ourselves on quality, locally fabricating and installing custom countertops for residential and commercial projects alike.

Quartz Countertop Brochures:  Silestone Eternal Collection

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