Kitchen & Bath Design – 5 Step Preparation Guide

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5 Tips to Get the Most Value From Your Initial Kitchen Design Consultation

Where do you start when working with a kitchen designer? What is the best way to prepare for your first meeting? What should you bring? What should you do beforehand to get the most mileage out of your free session? Here are five tips that will help you get the most value out of your design consultation for your kitchen, bath, den, laundry or other room renovation: 

Here are the following 5 tips, so let’s begin…

1) Make your own scrapbook of ideas. You should start by cutting out photos from books and magazines, printing images from the web or from our website and blog and creating your own little scrapbook of things that you like. It’s VERY IMPORTANT that you use a “post it” note on the photo and write the reason you pulled that particular photo. Write what you like about the picture at the time you pull the picture because it has been our experience that once clients have a library of 20 or 30 of these, they often tell us they have no idea why they liked that photo. Sometimes it might be the light fixture, sometimes it might be the hood, or perhaps you had a question about the backsplash tile you liked. It may not have been the overall kitchen, it may not have been the cabinets, but there was something about it that you found particularly appealing at the time you pulled it out. Therefore, it is very important that you capture that reason on a post it note attached to the photo.

2) Write up a wish list. Your wish list should include specific things that you’re trying to add or change about your existing kitchen. Analyze what you like and don’t like about your present space. Make a list and leave it in the room for a couple of weeks. Are appliances outdated? Is the space unattractive? Is it inefficient? Do you need more counter space? Do you want more storage? Write it all down. Do you like the lighting? Do you want to keep the garden view? Write that down too. 

3) Go appliance shopping. Research appliances online and go shopping just to get an idea of what kind of things are out there and what kind of budget range there is in your appliance selection. This will help you establish a general category you want to be in. We like to have our clients familiarize themselves with what products are available to get an idea first hand because there is such a broad range in prices and features to choose from. There are $900 refrigerators or $7,000 refrigerators. You need to determine how much money you want to allocate and what features are important to you. 

4) Measure your existing kitchen or bring in blueprints if you have them. Measure your existing kitchen to the best of your ability. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Take pictures of the room with your digital camera or on your smart phone, to help us visualize what you have measured. Bring these with you to the meeting. 

5) Think about the budget you’re considering for the whole renovation. Then, call to make an appointment for your initial consultation. Plan for a 1 to 1-1/2 hours discussion with your designer during your initial consultation.

When you come to the initial kitchen design consultation with all this information, we (and most professional designers) will be able to give you a wealth of additional information, ideas, style ideas, and redesign possibilities. We will talk about functions and features that may help your particular situation and have a general discussion about kitchen budgets relative to your wish list. You will most certainly leave the meeting with good value. Professional design advice will help save you costly mistakes later as well as money.