PPG Pitt-Glaze WB1 Interior Pre-Catalyzed Water-Borne Acrylic Epoxy

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Interior Eggshell

Interior Semi-Gloss


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  • PITT-GLAZE® WB1 Interior Pre-Catalyzed Water-Borne Acrylic Epoxy is a one-component acrylic epoxy coating for interior use and is a low-odor replacement for traditional two component acrylic epoxy products providing a recoatable, impact and mildew-resistant finish. This product meets the strictest VOC regulations with a VOC content of less than 100 g/L and its minimal odor makes PITT-GLAZE® WB1 suitable for hospitals, schools, cafeterias and food processing plants, or any area that cannot be taken out of service for an extended period of time. Do not use in household dwellings. This item is intended for industrial use only and should only be applied by a professional. This item is for use in areas such as office space and meeting rooms of industrial, commercial or institutional facilities exposed to repeated heavy abrasion, including mechanical wear and repeated scrubbing with industrial solvents, cleaners, or scouring agents.