At Euro-Rite, we have never been afraid to wear our hearts on our sleeves – though we roll them up first! Our company is about hard work and transparency, values we think you will appreciate. From our humble beginnings, as the vision of the son of a depression-era single mom, Euro-Rite has grown into the largest RTA cabinet manufacturing plant in Western Canada.

We have done this by giving our customers what they want, a great product at a great price with exceptional customer service. All along, we have also looked after our own, as is right. We are also mindful of our responsibility to look after those who have a tough time doing so themselves. We’ve summed up our approach in this brief mission statement.

Mission Statement

“Euro-Rite provides the highest quality products, matched only by our dedication to service. We value our customers and work to meet their needs by excelling at service that is prompt and friendly. Our innovative team of employees is important to us, as we strive to create the best of possible working environments. We care!”


Full Assembled Kitchen Products:   2019 ADV+ kitchen brochure(Small)

Ready to Assemble Kitchen Products:  2019 ADV1 Kitchen Brochure (small)

Full Assembled Bathroom Products:  2019 ADV+ Bathroom brochure(small)

Ready to Assemble Bathroom Products:  2019 ADV1 Bathroom Brochure (small)