COVID-19 Protocols

What Lumberworld is doing to help combat the spread of Covid-19:


  • Using a bleach and water solution on all counters, phones, credit card machines, signature pads and pens in our customer service areas and cashier counters frequently and after each customer when possible
  • Installed acrylic sheets in customer service and cashier areas where social distancing can be a problem and also made barriers around these areas to make sure people are aware of social distancing
  • We have installed no-touch hand sanitizing stations in 3 entrances to our store
  • We are sanitizing all buggies, baskets, door handles frequently and/or after each use whenever possible
  • We have asked our janitor to increase his hours to be able to clean all high touch areas frequently and using a bleach and water solution to clean all areas in the store
  • We have closed off entrances to the store where possible so that we can limit how many people come into the store if need be, and to encourage people to use the no-touch automatic front doors to the building
  • We have limited our tills that receive cash transactions to one
  • Staff are encouraged to wear masks
  • We have restricted our customer service associates to use only one computer station that will be theirs for the day and it gets sanitized often during the day
  • Many of our staff, who are able to, are working from home and we have set them up with their own computers and work stations to make this possible
  • We are now accepting credit card payments over the phone and encouraging patrons to phone, email, web chat their orders to us where we will pick them and have them ready for pick up at our location in a designated area or deliver curbside to an address
  • We are working hard to get our website up and e-commerce ready so that we can offer on-line ordering through the website to minimize the amount of people walking through our doors
  • We have limited the number of staff who may be in the staff room and common areas at one time and ask that anyone who can eat in their office, outside or in their vehicles to do so in order to minimize contact and enforce social distancing
  • We have limited our delivery drivers to one person per truck that gets cleaned at the beginning and ends of their shifts and anytime they are re-entering the vehicle
  • Staff are asked to wash their hands frequently and we are asking anyone who is feeling ill to STAY AT HOME